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Culemborg is 13km northwest of the campsite. This little town counts around 27000 residents and is located along the beautifull river 'de Lek'.


If you are in Culemborg and want to go back to the campsite you could take the bus which is leaving from the trainstation in Culemborg. This bus is going to Tiel and stops in Erichem aswell. The busstation in Erichem is only 200 meters from the campsite.



The centre of Culemborg is worth a visit. You can reach the old picturesque market. The medieval city hall is a very beautifull building.

Culemborg is located on the Dutch water line. As part of this defense is Fort "Werk aan het spoel"  which is open for public since 2011. A nice idea for a visit to others forts (fort Everdingen and fort Honswijk) is to take the ferry.   





Culemborg has lots of facilities and attractions. The old centre is a car-free shoparea with various shops and teracces.


On the industrial area in Culemborg you'll find various furnitures with their showrooms. If you want to change the interior of your house or mobile home you must go to the industrial area of Culemborg aswell, because you'll find lots of places to go for a look. 


























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