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The city of Tiel

Only 7 km from the campsite de Vergarde you'll find the centre of the biggest town in the Betuwe, Tiel. It only has 40.000 residents, but because of the function of the town it has lots of shops, facilities and restaurants.


Do you want to know more about Tiel and its mascot Flipje? Bring a vist to Flipje en Streekmuseum Tiel.



Daily needs

When you leave the campsite and drive to the A15 and across the highway, you'll see the shopping centre Kwadrant on the right side of the 3e roundabout. Here you'll find all your daily needs.


Cozy shopping

Tiel is a very cozy town with shops and boutiques, everone will injoy them. There are lots of cozy restaurants and bars in Tiel.

At the Waal

Remarkable is the location on the Waal. When you walk from the centre towards the south, you'll have a nice view at the Waal. When the water is not too high, this is used as a parking area. From here there is an easy acess to the centre of Tiel.



There is a free festival in the second weekend of September named Appelpop. In the same weekend you'll see the Fruitcorso.


Bumbella met duim omhoog.
Bumbella is een typetje van camping de Vergarde in de Betuwe, Gelderland, midden-Nederland