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Eethuis de Appel




You can find the snackbar in 'Eethuis de Appel'. You can order chips, snacks, salads and various for normal prices.

You can eat your snacks and chips on our terrace, or you can take it with you to your camping pitch.



All the pizza's are selfmade and baked by us. In a real Italian stofe with a bottom of stones.

You can take the pizza to your own camping pitch, or enjoy them in our restaurant.


Traditionally baked in our own kitchen. The pancakes are delicious. Parents and children will enjoy them all.

You can eat the pancakes in our restaurant, or you can take them with you to your camping pitch.

For the little ones

'Eethuis de Appel'has a special kidsbox for children. You can take your children with you to the snackbar. The children will enjoy the playground, when you are waiting for you dinner. They can play in Playground de Peer.











Ice cream toppings

If you order an ice cream you can use our toppings bar and decorate your ice cream.
















Our restaurant serves several affordable dishes.  After ordering your dish, you can use the salad bar.



Tutti Frutti eet een pizza op camping de Vergarde in Gelderland.