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Go-kart Rental


A campsite is a fantastic place to drive and race with your kart. You can take your own kart with you. But we also have nice karts to hire. You can hire them at the reception. For 1 day from 9:00 am till 05:30 pm.


Price: €5,00 a day













Berg Monaco Skelter

















































 Camping de Vergarde is located in the heart of the Netherlands in the region Betuwe (provence Gelderland)



















The Berg Basic

The classic go-kart. Drives comfortable because of the oscillating axle, ball control and automatic freewheel, so you can drive forward and backwards. Campsite de Vergarde has The Berg Basic in two sizes. 1 for children in the age of 3 till 6 years, and a bigger one.














De Berg Monaco

Een stoere snelle skelter met mooie velgen. De Berg Monaco is geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 6 jaar. Er zijn 4 Berg Monaco's beschikbaar.

The Berg Monaco

A tough and fast kart with nice wheels. The Berg Monaco is suitable for children from 6 years old. We have 3 of these go-karts.

The Berg Sun-Set

A kind of a chopper kart. You van take one of your friends with you. We have four of these karts.


The Freestyler

A very nice kart in the shape of a trike. Suitable for children around 8 years old. There are 2 Freetsylers to hire.


The Balanzbike Pro

This is a kart for the older children. It's a fast kart, and you need to steer with your body. We have 2 of these karts. Can you handle one of these?


The Crazy Bike

A kart for children in the age of 4-8 who want to have a nice an fast kart. We have 1 of these kart.

Extra chair and seats

You can take your friends with you. You van take 2 friends with you with the two-seater (€3,00 a day). An extra seat is also possible (€0,50 a day). The two-seater and extra seat doesn't fit on the Freestyler, Balanzbike and Crazy Bike.

BERG Extra AF Skelter

BERG Extra AF Skelter

Camping de vergarde: Berg Sunset skelter

Camping de vergarde: berg Freestyler

Camping de Vergarde: Crazy Bike

Berg tweezitter

Fred Pret op de skelter. Op Camping de Vergarde in de Betuwe zijn diverse skelters te huur voor onze kampeerders