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Campsite de Vergarde is located in the centre of the Netherlands in the small village of Erichem. With dozens of farms and orchards the village of Erichem is quite rural. Erichem counts 420 residents without the tourists on the campsite.


Erichem is located between Buren and Tiel in the centre of the Netherlands.


The village offers a few facilities. Not only campsite de Vergarde, but also an apple machine, bakery and a plumbing company with store. (fa. Baggerman).


Erichem has a public busconnection to the trainstation in Tiel and the trainstation in Culemborg.



Erichem dates back from Roman Times. Traditionally Erichem belongs to the Buren County. The title Countess of Buren is still in use by our Royal Family.


Erichem is located in the township Buren and the provence Gelderland.


Tutti Frutti met appel.
Tutti Frutti is de mascotte van camping de Vergarde in de Betuwe, Gelderland, Nederland