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You will enjoy a visit on Buren. Walk along the sights of Buren, historical buildings, city walls, canals, the St. Lambertus church, de waag, and the city gate with the mill. Or bring a visit to the castle garden or have a look in the little shops and stores. Go for dinner in one of the local restaurants in Buren.


Just 3 km away from campsite de Vergarde you will find the historical walled city of  Buren. Buren is more than 600 years old and certainly worth a visit. When you leave the campsite to the left trough the village Erichem you'll see the old city walls and historical building in Buren. Buren is called 'Oranjestad = orange city' because Willem van Oranje (William of Orange) married 'Anna van Egmond' in the city Buren. Our queen still has the title 'Countess of Buren''.





The old town of Buren

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