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Blossom period

Camping de Vergarde: Betuwe Bloesemtijd

Every year the Betuwe attracts tens of thousends visitors who enjoy the blooming orchards. First you'll see the plum blossom, after the plum blossom there will be cherry blossom and after that the pear trees will show their with beautiful blossom, and finally the apple trees will close the blossom season with their soft pink color.


Blossom period

The best month to visit and see this beautiful nature is april. The blossom period may differ because of the weather. A cold spring can make a differnce of a couple of weeks, but a very sunny spring can accelerate the blossom.


The famous 'Appeldijk' is worth a visit. It is located about 9 km on the west-side of the campsite. He bends between the apple trees which show their blossom at the end of April. The Appeldijk will guide you along the Linge and offers beautiful views at the places on the other side of the river. The Appeldijk belongs to: Heerlijkheid Marienwaerdt. Also know as the open air museum of the Betuwe.


Do you want to know how far the blossom already is? Check it on:

Betuwse bloesem


High tree or Low tree

The fruit of today is now on a large-scale. Orchards with high trees often made place for long lines of low trees, because they are easier to maintain and harvest. The low trees already carry fruit after 2 years. You'll find many of this orchards and trees near the campsite on the Erichemseweg. High trees often need 10 year to carry fruit. The last years many organizations are trying to keep the high trees.


Beautifull blossom places

Not only at domain Mariënwaerdt between Beesd and Tricht you'll find beautifull blossom, but also between Oranjestad Buren and Buurmalsen on the idyllic Kornedijk. About 16 km from the campsite you''ll find Landgoed Noordenhoek along river the Linge. A bit further from the campsite are beautifull blossom places. Between Kesteren and Opheusden in the surrounding of the Rijnbandijk is worth a visit. This applies also for the Marspolder in Lienden, there you have a beautiful view across the Rijn with the forrest of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Pony Diddi eet bloemetjes. Camping de Vergarde, Betuwe, Gelderland, midden-Nederland